Hordlinge are recruiting!

Posted in Information, Recruitment by Tutenshamun at June 26, 2013, 06:47

To get ready for the coming progression race we are currently recruiting:

1x Tank: other classes are possible too

Further information at Recruitment or wowprogress.

Take your chance – we await you!


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Hordlinge sponsored by key-preisvergleich.de

Posted in Information, Media by Xiraq at May 7, 2013, 11:39

We are glad to announce our new sponsor: www.Key-Preisvergleich.de, you can save up to 80% for Game-Keys and Game-Cards by comparison of different shops!

All the best for our cooperation in the future and thanks for the support.


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Content clear!

Posted in Boss Kills, Information, Media by Xiraq at May 1, 2013, 18:25

After struggling at the start of the instance, nobody expected this result!
We killed the last and extra boss Ra-den on the 21st of April as World #6 and German #1.

For now everyone’s having a rest and enjoying their free time.

Here is the video of our firstkill:

So long

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Head, head, head… bird?

Posted in Boss Kills, Information by Tutenshamun at March 20, 2013, 01:53

It took quite some time but now we have some positive news again.

Though let’s sum up the fight a little bit: Fire melts ice, ice puts out fire, what is poison?,
arcane shoots around, Megaera eats pandas, portals are crap -
hopefully I didn’t miss anything. After putting us through the torture
of clearing old instances for gear we were finally able to progress again
(which was not possible the previous 2 days due to multiple reasons)
and as mentioned before it went surprisingly well.

Staying up that late has been worth it, sometimes even a hydra is not regrowing its heads anymore. Afterwards the public mood improved explosively what made us decide
to add one more hour raiding time.

This decision has shown itself quite worthwile, once we looted some nests,
ran against the wind and flew cheerfully through the air the second kill of this night was done.

Hopefully this gains us some uplift so we can complete the progress satisfactorily.

Stay tuned!
Die Hordlinge

f.l.t.r.: Shoqa, Cayouz, Lurii, Tutenshamun, Nynnja, Foromir, Druffi, Alpharius, Xiraq, Shatira
not here: Jaykobb, Ökofutzi

f.l.t.r.: Lurii, Druffi, Nynnja, Tutenshamun, Alpharius, Foromir, Cayouz, Xiraq, Shoqa, Shatira
not here: Jaykobb, Ökofutzi

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Trolls, dinosaurs and turtles…

Posted in Boss Kills, Information by Tutenshamun at March 20, 2013, 01:50

Weekend and time for first reports.
Well, there’s actually not really much to say about Jin’rokh and Horridon,
the combat procedures were mostly known and so -
just a few lightning flashes and shattered doors later -
they were cleared from our way.

So then, still pretty cheerfully, we encountered a quartet of trolls
who did not make any bad impression on us in the first place.
Though it turned out quite soon: Those four guys will make our lives undesirably difficult.
Quite some more time later then expected and planned the trolls lay in the dust.

After that, some tiny bit too big gotten turtle barred our way -
summoning further turtles and for whatever reasons and a couple of bats.
In comparision to the four troll fellows whose acquaintance we made just before this encounter was a real wellness experience what made him depart this life a short time later. “Next please!”

So this is what we are currently working on and we will keep you informed.

And finally a nice group shot of us and the turtle.
See You
Die Hordlinge

f.l.t.r.: Xiraq, Shatira, Druffi, Tutenshamun, Alpharius, Cayouz, Ökofutzi, Foromir, Shoqa, Jaykobb
not here: Lurii, Nynnja

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Good News Everyone

Posted in Boss Kills, Information, Recruitment by Tutenshamun at March 12, 2013, 22:06

Finally done you’d like to say. After having multiple issues during the last content
caused by losing some members we now finished the reconstruction process
and managed to build a strong group. Thanks for your endurance.

We want to say good bye to our former members:
Atolio, Fühler, Johnyy, Nerloran, Noremorse und Sceto;
Thanks for a nice and successful time.

We also want to welcome our new ones:
Cayouz, Druffi, Foromir, Ökofutzi, Shatira und Xiraq;
Let’s have a nice time.

You can find our complete Roster here.

Well enough of this. Let’s get back to the game.
The farming- and PTR-time is over.
We used the normal-lockout for lots of tests that we were able to complete
satisfactorily with our both groups at march 8th and march 11th.
There are some interesting encounters before us ready to be killed.
Now we have to award ourselves for the work with some nice kills.
Sleep well and get ready to rumble.

Finally we wish all guilds a nice and lucky race.

So long
Die Hordlinge

f.l.t.r.: Jaykobb, Ökofutzi, Maniax(Shoqa), Tutenshamun, Foromir, Nynnja, Shatima(Shatira), Seiphe(Alpharius), Druffi, Cayouz
not here: Lurii, Xiraq

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Will of the Emperor down 6/6

Posted in Boss Kills, Information by johnyy at October 16, 2012, 22:44

So we can leave Mogu’shan Vaults with a clean slate – despite roster issues and RL-fakers we managed to bring down Will of the Emperor just on time before next week’s lockout.

We are looking forward to the next challenges and congratulate the other german guilds on a great progress race.

emperor kill

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Four Kings and Elegon down 5/6

Posted in Boss Kills, Information by johnyy at October 16, 2012, 22:03

The most likely thickest chunk in Mogu’shan Vaults has departed this life!
The Four Kings are a real challenging ensemble, demanding a lot from us.

four kings kill

However, Elegon went down comparatively quick.

elegon kill

Recruitment is still open.
Further information on WoWProgress.

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Mogu’shan Vaults 3/6 Heroic!

Posted in Boss Kills by Nerloran at October 13, 2012, 12:05

After Stone Guard and Feng got shot down by us on the first night,
we expended a lot effort on Gara’jal yesterday – multiple low-percentage wipes (one @ 0,9%) made us bite in our keyboards.
However, tonight we brought him to his knees. ******* troll!!

garajal kill

Four Kings next…

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Mogu’shan Vaults cleared and transfer to Azshara!

Posted in Boss Kills, Information by Nerloran at October 9, 2012, 15:14

Ages have passed since we killed Madness of Deathwing for the first time but this night we were up to raiding again.
In the meantime, a lot has happened: break, recruitment and a realm-transfer to EU-Azshara.

The normal-mode bosses did not offer much resistance, just as expected. Although Elegon made an interesting impression regarding the upcoming hard-mode lockouts.

We are really looking forward to the hard-mode content.

raggi kill

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